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Our Customers Love Us!

     Box Truck sent employee for my Doorage move cross country to unload my truck in St Louis. The employee left before I could tip (I'm very sorry!!) But I wanted to at least let you guys know he was great. Very professional, very quick. My house is full of boxes now.

The 3 guys that helped me with moving were excellent and made sure each one of my belongings safely arrived to the destination👏🏼I don’t look forward to moving again but when I do it will be with these guys.

     When another moving company did not show up, my friend called Box Truck. Two guys were here in less than 30 min. They hustled and got everything moved in 3 hours! They were very professional and really nice.

Worked fast and were very nice. Would recommend if you’re in the St Louis area.

Curtis did a great job! Will use again!

Thanks to Our Customers, We Support these Organizations & More

box truck moving kitchen


8 Weeks Out

Time to get organized! This is a great time to begin deciding what you will be bringing to your new home, and what you will be donating, selling, or throwing out. Sort out the stuff you don't want to keep to avoid moving anything unnecessarily.

6 Weeks Out

Six weeks to go, you should begin making the necessary trips to donate or discard the items you don't want to keep anymore. This is also when you should have a garage sale, or sell or donate the items on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. If you have children, notify schools so they have plenty of lead time to prepare for the transition.

4 Weeks Out

Now is when you should book a professional moving company like Box Truck. You should also begin the transition process with your trash, water, power, and other utility providers. Begin packing decorations and items you don't use on a daily basis.

2 Weeks Out

Now is the time to start your major packing. At this point, anything you're not taking with you should be long gone. Stay organized, don't stress, and pack carefully. Don't forget to label boxes with their contents, and the room they are going to. The more organized you are during this phase, the easier unpacking will be.

1 Week Out

Pack your moving day essentials: clothes from that day, bathroom items, food, important documents and other things you will need immediately. Bring this bag in a personal vehicle on moving day.

Moving Day

If all goes as planned, and if you're booked with Box Truck, moving day will be a breeze. coordinate with your movers to make sure nothing gets left behind, and meet them at your new place to oversee and guide the unloading process. Congratulations, you're all moved!

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